By improving your tools in Summer in Mara, you get to plant more plants, get better yields and better resources. Below we will tell you how to get all the tools in the game and what you need to do to improve them.

How to get metal tools

Improved mattocks

As soon as you get to Calis, continue on Koa’s storytelling mission until you find the novel and the shells that the old lady needs from the lighthouse. Talk to her. She’s gonna ask Caleb for a hoe improvement. Talk to him. He’ll give us carrot seeds and salad. Grow them on your island and bring 2 carrots and 3 salads. You can pick them up in the gardens on Calisa.

Improving the hammer

You need to unlock access to the Akaji blacksmith on Kalis. Continue with the Koa quest until the lighthouse woman informs you that Akaji has returned to the city. It’s in an enclosed room just below the lighthouse, behind a black fence. Perform a couple of Akaji quests to teach you the recipe for the silver hammer. He needs copper bars. They are sold at the same Akaji.

Improvement of the axe

The recipe for a metal axe can be obtained from Pilly from the market. First, perform the Koa Quest until you receive a request to repair the radio. Talk to Pilly, then you’ll have to dump the bundle in the ocean. Go back to Pilly to learn the recipe for a metal axe.

How to improve tools

Improving the hammer

Continue with Koa’s quest until the old lady from the lighthouse asks you to visit an old friend who lives on the southernmost island available on the map. After meeting with her, you’ll have to bring the salad. Talk again, and she’ll ask to talk to Akaji, who will teach improvement.

Improvement of the axe

Golden Axe is the best axe in the game. It can be unlocked on the main storyline closer to the end of the game. It’s hard to explain how to get it without spoilers, but it will be after you help the pirates and start collecting crystallis. Requires 2 gold bullions, 1 strange metal bullion and 7 wood units.

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