How to Get the Evil Spirit Armor Set in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a popular action-adventure game that has enchanted players worldwide with its engaging storyline and thrilling gameplay. One of the exciting aspects of this game is acquiring unique armor sets, and one such set is The Evil Spirit Armor Set. This article will guide you through getting your hands on this legendary armor set.

Step 1: Unlocking Tarrey Town
The first step towards acquiring the Evil Spirit Armor Set in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is to unlock Tarrey Town. Tarrey Town lies at the heart of Hyrule and can be accessed by completing several quests including ‘From the Ground Up’ in Akkala Region, ‘A Parent’s Love’ in Kakariko Village, ‘Thunder Magnet’ in Gerudo Desert, and many more.

Step 2: Retrieving Molduga Fin
After unlocking Tarrey Town, head to Highland Stable and speak with a character named Hoz who requests that you get him a Molduga Fin that can only be found on East Barrens of Gerudo Wasteland. Travel to this location slay Molduga using appropriate weapons such as bombs as it prevents it from diving into sand frequently.

Step 3: Selling Molecrickets

On returning with Molduga Fin successful handover it to Hoz. He then reveals his plan to start selling Molecrickets from enemies known as Talus Stoneback which enemies reward you when defeated or catching them via mini-game; His idea requires setting up an agricultural system where they breed these creatures for mass production so he can then sell them across different shops in Hyrule since they are rare on other continents Get Mr maku’s autograph

Step 4:Getting Mr.Maku’s Autograph

Mr.Maku is a renowned artist who promises he would sign copies for anyone who gets him premium-grade monster parts such as Lynel horn from red lynels. You will find him in Goron City, and it can be quite challenging to get his autograph. You will have to trade different premium-grade monster parts with him before he signs the autograph for you.

Step 5: Retrieve Molduking Eyeball
After getting Mr.Maku’s Autograph, your next objective is to find a Molduking Eyeball. This item can only be found concerning killing one of Zelda’s most treacherous bosses – Talus King- which will reward Molduking eye or by catching it via monster catching competitions which are rare and only occur once in-game time.

Step 6: Trade with Grante

With the three items in your possession, namely the Molecrickets, Mr.Maku’s Autograph and Molduking Eyeball head back to Tarrey Town where you meet Grante a merchant who specializes has all kinds of armor wears He would agree after negotiations terms to sell you Evil Spirit Armor Set for full price plus added finder fees depends on previous deductions I.e. he offers each item you bring at half normal rate.

In conclusion acquiring The Evil Spirit Armor Set requires significant work as it entails completing multiple quests, battling merciless enemies obtaining unique Monster parts but by following this guide success is imminent; unlocking tariff town is the first step that should not be overlooked since every other objective must come afterward. However once finished, getting The Evil Spirit Armor Set becomes worth short term investment as its abilities like high-level flame resistance (I.e., immune from spontaneous combustions), health regeneration while running/walking making gameplay much enjoyable while exploring various regions throughout Hyrule Kingdom

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