Are you tired of having doors closed right in front of your nose? We’ll tell you how to get past the lasers unnoticed!

As you pass the Carrion, you will sooner or later encounter green laser beams. But these beams will not damage your Monster. Instead, the lasers will trigger like stretch marks. As soon as the Monster passes through them, a stretch is triggered, which closes the door behind you instantly, blocking your way. What do we do about it?

Get the ability to be invisible.
Charge the power.
Reduce the shape to normal.
Activate invisibility.
Fly through the laser before the energy runs out.

So, you won’t be able to overcome the lasers until you find the invisibility skill. This will happen for about one-third of the game, depending on which areas you will be exploring in the first place. If you don’t already have it, you just haven’t reached the right point of progress. You will realize that you have to look for invisibility when you simply can’t go any further as lasers will stop the way to your eye. You will need to climb to the right and up from your eye, apply a spider web to the lever at the fan, and then break into the room on the right. That’s where the flask with the ability will be.

You need to use large generators to charge the power. Remove the lid from them and then communicate via PCM. But in order to shrink to the normal size, you need to find a reservoir where the Monster can set aside the biomass. Finally, fly to the lasers, clamp Q and follow through. Don’t flirt and keep an eye on the energy!

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