Trying to find a way to get to Byzantium at The Outer Worlds? This guide will tell you how to get to this paradise planet. The game has many exciting areas full of amazing possibilities, including side quests, some of which require a visit to this unique world.

Except that none of the secondary tasks give any indication of how to get there. The necessary path is quite well hidden by the developers, because it is hidden behind some variants of dialogue between certain characters on the “pioneer”.

However, we would like to point out at once that you can get to Byzantium naturally as the plot progresses (you need to do the main quest “Radio silence on the Monarch”), but if you want to get there earlier, then continue reading the guide.

How to get to Byzantium at The Outer Worlds

You have to go through the story enough to get to the colony ship “Pioneer” and perform several story tasks on it. Then chat with Udom Bedford, who is at the board office (see screenshot below).

How to get to Byzantium at The Outer Worlds

During a conversation with this character, you must select certain dialog options, namely:

  • Say that you know where you can find Phineas.
  • Let us know that you have seen the Wells wanted poster and now you want to be rewarded.
  • Choose the “What?” option.
  • Choose “What are the circumstances?
  • Choose “Okay, you needed the money, what next?
How to get to Byzantium at The Outer Worlds

The rest of the answers don’t matter. Keep talking to him until you get a new quest called “Amount to Pay”. Then follow the markers on the map to talk to Gladys. Pay her 8000 bits for the Seal of the Collegium, go back to Udom and get a Byzantine key from him.

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