Bottled water is an object necessary for making ink. Below we tell you how to get it.

Despite the fact that Mar’s land is 80% water, it is not easy to get it. No one will let you take the bucket and fill it in the ocean. First you need two things – a bottle and a water source. You might be able to buy a bottle from the island traders, but I couldn’t do it. The easiest way to find a bottle is to run around Calisa and collect garbage. Bottles can lie on the floor, in large garbage bags. They’re not very rare. You’ll probably find the bottle after examining 3-4 heaps of trash. When you get the bottle, go to Calisa’s dock.

Climb the stairs where the ships dock to find the fountain built into the wall. Go to him and interact. If you don’t have a bottle, nothing will happen. If there is a bottle, it will be filled with water.

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