After you’ve gone through the stages of adolescence and adulthood, the next stage is old age. In this guide, we describe all the requirements to reach this stage.

In the Maneater’s introductory tutorials you will learn the game and make your first age evolution as a teenager. Once you reach level 10 and progress through the story, you will unlock the opportunity to become an adult shark. There will be increased all the basic characteristics. Also only adults can destroy the gate! The path to old age is similar to growing up.

First of all, you must pump to level 20. Once you do that, continue on the main storyline until the battle with Pete and his son begins. An icon will appear in the lower right corner of the screen. This time it will say Fight Scaly Pete. This means that despite having level 20, you’ll have to beat Pete and his son to get older.

Once the collision is complete, you will automatically return to the mainsail. The adult shark will turn into the old one. The basic parameters will increase, making your shark even more formidable and dangerous.

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