Special Units are unique soldiers that you can hire while traveling the world Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord. In this tutorial we will show you where to find them, what you need to hire them and how to hire more soldiers than there are in cities and towns.

Some types of troops you can get EXCLUSIVELY using our methodology! You will not receive such prisoners after the battle, they are not in the villages and towns. On the other hand, this does not always mean that an exclusive or special warrior is stronger than usual. For example, you can get an expert robber, who can become a master robber, one of the rarest units in the game. But his statistics is not satisfactory – 20 on all parameters. He is much weaker than the average warrior. Nevertheless, the ability to hire additional units significantly facilitates the task of collecting a huge army.

Hiring these special units is really easy. Make as much money as possible by using one of our guides, then visit any major city or town and find a tavern. As you know, you can hire companions in a tavern. Their portraits are in cells at the top of the screen. But this is where the special units are hiding! They are not displayed in icons at the top of the screen.

You must enter the tavern in person. Usually there is at least one arms dealer and a special unit available for hire. Take a walk around the place and walk close enough to each character to find out their name. Very soon you will find that these characters usually occupy the same places in taverns and look different from other people.

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