In Marvel’s Avengers, one of the main accents of the game is to collect the loot, and although you will most often change the old and low-power equipment to a shiny and more powerful new, sometimes you will probably want to stay with your existing equipment, as it has effective additional properties and bonuses. Fortunately, there is a working option for such cases as well. And our material under the appropriate title – Hyde and Marvel’s Avengers tips – how to improve your equipment and increase its power level will help you with this.

Guide and tips from Marvel’s Avengers – How to improve equipment and increase its strength level.

To increase the level of equipment in Marvel’s Avengers, enter the equipment menu, select the desired item you want to improve. Highlighting it, press and hold the square button on PlayStation 4 or “X” on Xbox One to upgrade to a higher power level. Keep in mind that you’ll need enough materials for the specific equipment.

The equipment you need to upgrade will require some of the following resources each time you increase it:
Catalyst: Nanites; Nanotube; Catalyst;
Powerful equipment and exotic artifacts in Marvel’s Avengers
When it comes to improving powerful equipment or artifacts, you will need one of the following resources:
An upgrade module for powerful equipment;
Polyclinic for exotic artifacts;
An uru for different artifacts.
These materials are much rarer than others, but can still be obtained from reset zones, complex fraction assignments and missions. The upgrade process remains the same. You will just need these rarer resources.

That’s all you need to know about equipment upgrades at Marvel’s Avengers. We hope our material entitled “Hyde and tips from Marvel’s Avengers – How to improve equipment and increase your strength level” has helped you. See you in the game!

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