Shaders will complement your Minecraft experience, making the world more colorful. Mostly shaders change textures and light, making the game more photorealistic. So, if you want to refresh your gameplay without any major upgrades and mods, shaders are a good option. In this article you will learn which shaders are the best and how to install them.

How to improve graphics in Minecraft – the best shaders of 2020

How to install shaders

First, in order for your shaders to run, you need to install Forge, a program that helps you install mods. Once Forge is booted, start the installation process by putting it into your Minecraft folder. Now, the next time you launch the game, you will be greeted by a Forge window where you will need to login to your profile.

Then we recommend that you install Optifine, a mod that makes Minecraft better and faster, which has configuration support, i.e. texture packs and the shaders we need. Download the latest version of Optifine from the Optifine website. After that, move the Optifine.Jar file to the mods folder where Minecraft is located. Some shaders require GLSL Shaders Mod on your computer, so you should install it and then move it to the mods folder. Then just download the shaders you need and place the zip.file into the shaders pack folder. After that, go to the game, go to the settings menu, and then to the video settings, where the Shaders tab will appear. Click on it and select the shaders you have installed.

Best Shaders for Minecraft

Sildurs Vibrant World

How to improve graphics in Minecraft - Best Shaders 2020

Sildurs Vibrant World is a great choice, if you haven’t been familiar with shaders before. They upgrade your lighting system to add more atmosphere and reflection to the Minecraft world. This package is available for all versions of the game, including the latest. What’s remarkable is that these shaders work on a computer with any graphics card, so anyone can improve their gaming experience. The sun is getting much brighter, the rays of light are flowing through the trees and reflected from the water – all this gives the game world a more colorful look, which makes everything a little bit more pleasant for the eyes.

BSL Shaders

How to improve graphics in Minecraft - Best Shaders 2020

BSL Shaders are high-performance shaders that add many light effects that transform the world of Minecraft. Everything becomes more bizarre at once: a realistic reflection from the water and a richer color palette. And the sun rays that pass through the leaves of the trees are just a cherry on the cake. These shaders really bring the world to life in a picturesque way. Clouds that look almost like real skies deserve special attention, but only in a Minecraft setting, and rooms like houses or caves become more elegant.

Chocapic13 Shaders

How to improve graphics in Minecraft - Best Shaders 2020

If you need something that will make the game more atmospheric and give it a certain mood, then your choice is Chocapic13. The fact is that it allows you to customize the settings, so thanks to these shaders, many other packages appeared. Chocapic13 adds some fantastic effects that improve the atmosphere of your world, such as mist, shadows or lighting, which somehow magically affect the game. These shaders look especially good at night.

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