The army is of great importance to the country. As in real life, the armies in Crusader Kings 3 are necessary for the expansion and security of the country.

The stronger your army, the closer you are to world domination. If you have a weak army, it’s only a matter of time before your country gets out of control.

Your armies can fight other countries, and you can win these battles with a powerful army and get new lands. You can also protect your lands and win victories with your army in the battles you have deployed.

Increase your army in Crusader Kings 3.
A strong army is a crowd of trained soldiers. If you want to have a strong army and win new places, you must first increase the size of the army. There are several ways to do this.

Construction of buildings
First of all, you can build a building and increase the number of your army by performing the following steps:

Click “left mouse button” in the place where you want to build a building.
Choose “Build a new building” on the opened page.
Click “Build” to build the desired building.
It is very simple. After performing the above steps, you have to wait for the building to be built in order. At this stage, you should take into account building features. Not every building will pay taxes for your army. Therefore, carefully study the features of the building and build military buildings, such as barracks and military camps.

Wars – Increase the army
The second way to increase the size of your army is through wars. In this way, you can increase the size of your army by adding troops of different classes for a certain gold. To do this, follow these steps:

Click the “Military” tab.
Click “Create paramilitary regiment”.
Select a regiment class and click it.
Click the button “Create”.
Now you can increase the size of your army, having troops of different classes and winning battles.

Hiring mercenaries
Another way to increase the size of your army is to hire mercenaries. Although mercenaries are more expensive than the other two methods, they save your time. You can instantly add mercenaries to your army by following these steps:

Click the “Military” tab.
Click the “Mercenaries” button.
Select a group of mercenaries of your choice.
Click the “Hire” button.
The mercenaries have joined your army. When selecting mercenaries, pay attention to their price and contract duration. Each group of mercenaries stays in your army for a certain period of time, and you pay them. When their term expires, the mercenaries leave your army.

You can increase the size of your army in three ways, described above. This way, you can create a strong army and conquer new lands. You can also win wars against your country without losing territory.

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