Are the inhabitants of your village, town or castle concerned about lack of food? Are they worried about hunger? In this guide, we tell you how to solve the problem with the supply of food that you will face as soon as you become the owner of the village.

Once you have established your kingdom and have several settlements at your disposal, you will need to closely monitor the needs of your subjects. After a while, they will be able to deal with most of the problems on their own, but some things can only be fixed by you. When you take over a settlement, decide what you want to build in it. Create the right facilities to manage the needs of your citizens. Food management is one of the most important tasks.

When you first take over, things will seem a little crazy. The initial numbers will change after your attack. If the food level is low, there are 3 things to do. First, invest some money in the reserve. This will significantly improve the construction time. Secondly, make sure that the Grain Storage option is pumped to level 3. Third, select the “Daily Watering” option. This is what the residents of the settlement will do if the remaining tasks are completed.

It’s as simple as that. The main problem is that even after these measures are taken, the situation will not change drastically. You need to be patient and continue doing what the game requires you to do. After that, continue to improve the granary. Rest assured that in this case, there will be no more food problems.

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