To enjoy playing together, you need to reach the 16th rank of adventure, so it is so important to quickly increase this figure. In this tutorial we will show you how to reach this rank in the shortest possible time.

How to upgrade your Genshin Impact adventure rank quickly
Unfortunately, no matter how quickly you want to raise the rank of the character’s adventure, you will have to spend about 5-10 hours of real time (depending on the intensity of the game). The main way to increase the level of your adventure rank is just to follow the plot quests.

In fact, there is nothing wrong with this: such quests will not only help you to increase the level of your character, but also you will get a good reward for completing each of them. If you follow only the plot quests, then you will raise the rank of adventure in ~ 8 hours of real time spent in the game.

But there are also a few nuances. As soon as you reach the 11th Adventure Rank, it will be much easier to raise the next ranks. That’s because you’ll discover many side quests and other activities. Such quests are marked on your map, and their execution will not be difficult.

Once you reach Rank 12, you will have access to the Windy Cliff dungeon. As the plot quests until then, you will visit this dungeon several times, but it is at rank 12 it will be available to you for normal research. Now you can pass it as many times as you need to increase the 16th rank of adventure.

How to raise the Adventure Rank in Genshin Impact
How to increase the rank of adventure in Genshin Impact
Other tips for quickly raising your adventure rank
Complete the main story and side quests;
Daily will be unlocked at Rank 11 adventure, worth completing;
Don’t ignore the Windy Cliff Dungeon Adventure at Rank 12. This is a great opportunity to quickly pump the level;
Perform tasks from the Adventurer’s Handbook to get Adventurer Rank experience points.

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