This guide will help you choose a faction in the game New World from Amazon.

Once you are on the beach Aeternum, you will pass a series of newcomers to the quests on the beach. You will need to perform a chain of quests. If you do not perform these quests, you will not be able to access the quests in the city. So do not miss these quests.

After you complete the first few quests, you will be directed to the nearest city. You will need to keep moving along the quest line, and eventually you will be directed to the leader of the first faction to complete a series of faction quests. After you complete the faction quests for all 3 faction leaders, you can choose which faction you want to join.

You must reach level 10 (which you will do in all quests) and complete the appropriate quests to be able to choose one of the 3 factions.

Keep in mind that once you choose a faction, you’ll be bound to it, and you won’t be able to change it.

If you want to play with another faction, you’ll have to start over.

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