The inscription that the hostages were killed can be extremely disappointing and unpleasant. As soon as enemies learn of Jin’s presence, he will execute the hostages immediately. This can be a serious problem, especially when several hostages have to be released in a large area with a bunch of enemies. Fortunately, we have some tips to help you avoid this unfortunate message. Here’s our guide to preventing hostages from dying at Ghost of Tsushima.

There are several ways to prevent hostages from dying, so..:

  • Stay unnoticed.

If you know how to be secretive, you can try to kill all the Mongolian stealth warriors without letting yourself be discovered.

  • Stay close to the hostages during the fight.

By staying close to the hostages, you attract the attention of your enemies, who will take care of you first, leaving the prisoners for later.

  • Interrupt the execution of the hostages with a long-range attack.

Use your bow, kunai or other weapon that allows you to kill the enemy from a distance to stop an enemy trying to execute a hostage. Rapidly fire your bow will make the enemy stop. Then, if you hurry, you can kill him before he completes what he started, thus saving the hostage from death and avoiding the failure of the mission.

Hostage rescue missions are some of the most difficult in the Tsushima Ghost. And it’s not even about how well you can fight, it’s about how attentive you are to the hostages you are trying to save.

On the other hand, after successfully completing such a mission, you’ll get a solid reward, you can improve your skills and become stronger.

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