Death Stranding takes a lot of time to move around in the open world. However, the game has a function of teleportation (fast-travel), which we will tell you about in this guide. Attention, spoilers!

Fast movement will not be available in the game at first. In addition, at a certain point in the story, this function can not be used.

The fast movement opens as you go through, after the second episode, when Sam and Frejail go to the new zone on the ship.

How to make a quick trip in Death Stranding

After the scene, Fredgeill will leave his umbrella in Sam’s hideout, which will allow him to move quickly (the function will open in other shelters). To do this, simply walk up to the umbrella and call Fredgeyle (“Fredgeyle’s Jump”) to move you to a point. This only works with the points you’ve already discovered.

How to make a quick trip in Death Stranding

Please note that you will not be able to carry loads if you teleport. Otherwise, they will remain in the storage of the place from which you teleported.

How to make a quick trip in Death Stranding

However, you need to move quickly to previously visited locations to complete orders you missed earlier, or to find memory cards that open collectibles.

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