Roll is a part of any gaming game, and Genshin Impact is no exception. We tell you in detail about how to open the best characters.

If you are unfamiliar with this term, I will briefly explain: it is the process of creating a new account in order to get the best characters or weapons. At the start of the game you get a random weapon or character. If you do not like them, you can create a new account and try again; this is a roll.

Why a roll in Genshin Impact?
The main reasons why you need to roll in Genshin Impact is, like in any gaming game, the desire to get a certain character or weapon. To satisfy this desire, you can invest real money, a lot of grindings or roll.

How to Roll in Genshin Impact
Roll in Genshin Impact
For starters, let’s talk about the roll. Open the Prayer screen, which is activated by pressing the asterisk at the top corner on your PC, cell phone and tablet, and through the pause button on your PS4. Here you will see a banner of characters and weapons. The button with details at the bottom contains the chances of each character or weapon falling out. Each set requires 1 fateful meeting, but you can buy 10 at once for 10 fateful meetings, which guarantees additional rewards. At the beginning of the game you get 20 free fateful meetings; 10 for reaching level 5 and 10 for reaching level 10. Once you get level 5, go to Prayers and buy 10 at a time.

If you get the right character and / or weapons, then just keep playing. However, if you are not satisfied with the award, you will have to make a roll. Create another account and repeat the pumping process. Time after time, until you achieve the desired result.

Close the game, go to MiHoYo (for PC) or log out of the application (on mobile devices and tablets) and create a new account by tying it to a separate email.

Can I roll with Genshin Impact on the PS4?
How do I roll with Genshin Impact?

How to Roll in Genshin Impact
Unfortunately, the copy of the game for PS4 is tied to a PSN account, so if you don’t want to create a brand new PSN account, you’ll have to settle for what will fall out initially. But for PC and mobile device owners it’s easy.

What are the disadvantages of roll in Genshin Impact
The biggest drawback is a waste of time. It will take 20-30 minutes to pump to level 5 (maybe someone can do it faster). Even more time is needed for pumping to level 10. However, you can miss this moment and roll only up to level 5. But remember that game developers do not approve these actions, and the more often you create new accounts from one IP, the more likely it is to get a ban.

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