Hey, everybody. Today I want to mention that the recently updated Forager is attractive. This guide will show “How to get a lot of money fast”.

How to make lots of money at Forager

You’ll need:

-Steel 88k, brick 481k, glass 223k for 54 beacons (no building materials).
-modernized fire rod
-Liquid potions of luck
-Around 160 damage with a fire rod (no damage potions) or not, if you’re just drugging the king of mucus.
-Fairies in safety bottles (they automatically revive you, making you unkillable)


I just made an area of 3 × 3 and destroyed everything around it in pieces of 3 × 3. You can build over 54 lighthouses if you want, but it becomes questionable whether the boss will appear in the radius or not.

How to make trillions of money at Forager, you don't need cheats or trainers.

Red = lighthouse.

Dark blue = place where I didn’t have beacons due to NPC material costs / over 54

Blue = land I cleaned up fighting the bosses.

Green = dump

How to make trillions of money at Forager, you don't need cheats or trainers.

Before you farm

If you get the symbols of the dark beet, the royal slime drops about the same amount of gems (ruby, etc.) as the dark beet, but without star fragments; making it 33% less profitable, but much less time-consuming to make seals.

I have found that it is much easier on the farm without bots. Bots seem to change where chests with spirits spheres appear (destroying beacons) depending on where they decide to sit.

It looks like the liquid luck potion increases the maximum amount of gems you can get, but it still can’t show its effect, and the boss can drop the same amount as if you weren’t using the potion.


This buff literally halves your farm and doubles the selling price of your items or more? something makes things worth about 4 times what they should be…

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