One of the most important components of Crusader Kings 3 is the army. You can control the world with a powerful army.

You can conquer other countries’ lands by winning wars and increasing your natural resources and tax revenues.

How to move your army in Crusader Kings 3.
For victory in battles, the main thing is high mobility of the army. If your army has low mobility, you will lose in wars, and your country will be lost.

On the other hand, as the mobility of your armies increases, you can strengthen your army in battles and conquer new lands. Thus, your dominance over the world becomes an inevitable end for other countries.

Permanent armies are useless for your country. No matter how strong your army is, your soldiers can’t fight for you if you can’t move your army.

You can move your armies to other lands by following these steps:

Select the army you want to move.
Choose the land to which your army should go.
Right-click at the selected location.
If you follow the above steps in order, your army will reach its destination. This way, you can use your armies more effectively in war and conquer the rich lands with your mighty armies.

During the battle, if your opponent’s army is stronger, you can send reinforcements to your troops. This will increase your chances to win battles. Now you are ready to conquer the world.

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