Huge gates – an obstacle that occurs from the very beginning of the game. They block the way to other locations in the game, but fortunately you can open them. The game does not explain how to unlock them, but we will do it for you!

These specific gates are scattered all over the game world. We’re talking about mechanical gates, not the ones that open when an individual becomes an adult or an old one. When you first discover this gate, the game will tell you that you can open it with a switch. However, there is nothing more to explain to you. Yes, when the shark becomes an adult, you can easily jump such obstacles, but until then they can be opened in another way…

First, you have to stand to the right of the gate. There’s a flashing button that you can’t see from the other side. Grab a big fish. It has to be big enough to withstand the bite. Move it to the gate. Once you’re close enough, hold the key/tail swing button. You’ll see the switch illuminate. Let go of the button so that the shark can throw the fish right at it. This will open the gate forever. Now you can use it as a cut between locations.

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