The developers of Genshin Impact have created a huge game, which has many places to open. Learn how to unlock Cecilia Garden in Genshin Impact in our post.

How to open Cecilia Garden in Genshin Impact
Cecilia Garden is located not far from the Wolwendom in Mondstadt. Cecilia Garden is also the property of the Abyss. Cleaning this domain rewards players with materials for weapons upgrades, as well as improving performance and maximum level. These additional benefits are necessary for players to progress more quickly in the game. And here’s how you can unlock Cecilia Garden in Genshin Impact (first a video for the lazy and then a short description):

First, players need to go to Wolvendom in Mondstadt.

To open Cecilia Garden, players need to spend 4 wandering spirits to their sanctuaries.

As soon as you get there, the first spirit can be found next to a group of enemies right at the cliff.

The second spirit is also nearby and is surrounded by a force field, you can either jump in from above over a raised platform or use the wind skill to break the force field.

The third spirit can be saved by breaking a pile of stones near the pillar in this area.

For the fourth spirit, you will have to move away from the pillars and head for the rock on the right.

You must follow the walls of the cliff until you find a pile of cracked stones.

Once you find them, the players will have to use the earthly character to use the earthly skill to break this pile of stones and release the fourth spirit.

Having found all four, the player must again use his wind skill on the central sanctum.

This will raise the domain from the floor, and you will be able to access this dome to get materials for your weapons.

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