During the game you will find several locked chests in the form of stone frogs. We’ll tell you how to open them.

There’s an old prisoner in Folgrim’s Tower. It’s a story character. He’ll ask to bring him three glands from three different temples. As soon as you get to the first of the three main bosses, you get the iron after he dies. Leave the temple and you’ll see Folgrim is mired in mist. This fog has removed all the bandits and habitual enemies from its location, but it has been populated by some bloodsuckers.

But it’s in the fog that stone frogs become active. Engage with them to open the chests. Some hide the usual prey, and may also have cans of hardening acid, but somewhere there is a cast thorn, necessary to improve the sanctified sword!

Note that as soon as you give the iron to the Old Prisoner, the mist will clear. However, another character will appear in Folgrim’s Tower. In 1 countdown, he will activate or deactivate the fog.

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