The black doors in Resident Evil Village are another puzzle that is not so easy to solve. In this guide, you’ll learn how to open the back doors and where to find Lady Dimitrescu’s key.

As you desperately search for your missing daughter as Ethan Winters, you have many enemies to defeat and puzzles to solve. It wouldn’t be Resident Evil if there weren’t special doors that require the proper key to open.

How to Open Black Doors in Resident Evil Village
How to open the black doors in Resident Evil Village. Where to find the Dimitrescu key

Because of the confusing nature of the game, there are times when you encounter black doors that just won’t open. However, if you want to overcome these obstacles, you will need the Dimitrescu Key. An important piece of the puzzle will allow you to open these black doors in Resident Evil Village.

The key can be found in Lady Dimitrescu’s chambers. Walk through the courtyard building and you will find what you need. Just find the couch and find the key hanging from the hook on the right side of the magazine. With the key you will be able to open all the back doors.

Now that you know how to open black doors in Resident Evil Village, you may have other questions about the game.

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