Read this guide to see if you can pass Desperados 3 without killing anyone, that is playing for a pacifist. Motivation to end the campaign in this unusual way can be caused by the fact that you prefer to play stealth games or want to get an extra challenge.

There is no single answer to that question. A lot depends on how you feel about the mission goals and how you want to pass the levels that guarantee complete freedom of action.

Just to be clear – no, you can’t pass the whole game without killing anybody. This is simply because some of the required mission goals force you to kill certain people. Stunning your target doesn’t count.

Desperados 3 has a mechanics that allows you to make your opponents lose consciousness and tie them up so that they can’t rise. It can look different depending on the chosen character. For example, John and Hector can stun an opponent in close combat instead of a knife / axe, and Doc McCoy can make an opponent unconscious by using chloroform instead of a syringe with deadly poison.

Many missions are built in such a way that you can avoid multiple enemies or pass tasks without attacking them. This, of course, can make the game more difficult. It is often easier to get rid of the “uncomfortable” enemy, than to slip past him and leave him alone.

Valuable information is that the game does not punish you for killing opponents. The exceptions are some tasks that may involve leaving some enemies alone. If you plan to complete the mission 100%, you will have to complete all its tasks.

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