When you play Genshin Impact, you may encounter quests about an unnamed treasure. Familiarize yourself with this Genshin Impact guide to find out where to get it and where to surrender it. In this way, you won’t be running around the world looking for these things.

How to Quest at Genshin Impact – A nameless treasure, the variability of the treasure will come to you.

In total, Genshin Impact has three Untitled Treasures. Each one is accompanied by a puzzle or quest. We have guides for each puzzle. All of them are in the video below (in order):

You must complete each of the three items to get the maximum reward for your hidden quest. When you have all three, go back to Liue Harbor. Change the time so that the game is overnight. From there, go to the Linlang antique store and talk to the NPC. Tell him about Nameless Treasures and he will make you an offer. At the moment you don’t need it, give it back and you will receive the Money. You will get 40 Primogems and 100k Mora that you will need in the future.

I started improving the new characters and weapons and in the end almost broke. This quest is a good way to get some extra money and some primoems.

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