How to Play Aliens: Dark Descent with Friends

Aliens: Dark Descent is a thrilling horror-based video game that gives players an opportunity to experience intense anxiety and fear while trying to survive in an unfamiliar environment full of aliens. Playing the game alone can be fun, but playing with friends can make it even more exciting. In this article, we will guide you on how to play Aliens: Dark Descent with friends.

1) Choose your team
The first step towards playing Aliens: Dark Descent with friends is choosing the people you want on your team. Be sure to select people who are equally excited about the game so that everyone can have a good time.

2) Install and Set Up
Before starting, make sure every member of the team has installed and set up their copies of Aliens: Dark Descent on their computers or gaming consoles. Make sure all settings such as graphics quality, audio settings are identical for all players so there isn’t any unfair advantage.

3) Configure Multiplayer Mode
After installing and setting up the game, configure multiplayer mode in-game by selecting ‘multiplayer’ option from main menu or lobby screen then either set up a private match e.g Friends only or join one your friend has created via an invitation code provided by them.

4) Choosing Character classes
In multiplayer mode, each player needs to choose one character class from six options available – Smartgunner · Medic · Scout · Tech Marine · Demolition Specialist or Heavy Gunner. Assigning specific role/classes within teams allows for unique gameplay allowing complimentary skills within those classes complement each other i.e pairing Medics/Tech Marines as support characters whilst others(such as Smartgunners Heavy gunners) take on aliens offensively while scouts gather intel around maps beforehand giving real advantage tactics wise over matching non-coordinated teams

5) Formulate A Game Plan
Before starting gameplay begin by formulating a winning strategy along with identifying Preferred Voice chat application ,e.g Discord or Teamspeak, to allow for ease of communication during gameplay. Ensure everyone is fully aware of the game, its objectives, and possible tactics that could contribute positively toward mission completion.

6) Play The Game
After everything is set up ready to go, play Aliens: Dark Descent with your friends while communicating over voice chat network. Stick to your strategy and look out for each other’s backs as you fight off aliens together.

Playing Aliens: Dark Descent with friends can be one of the most intense and thrilling gaming experiences you can undertake together as a team. Following these steps will help ensure that your gameplay session goes smoothly and maximizes the experience allowing all players involved in an unforgettable time playing one of modern gaming’s most frightening titles yet!

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