Many of you remember a game like City of Heroes. Once it gathered players from all over the world and created their own superheroes, with their own history and abilities. It would seem that after the official closing of the game these times are long gone, but not so long ago there was an opportunity to play the most popular superhero MMORPG again. I will tell you how.

I’ll note right away that I will only write about Homecoming servers as the main ones. On other servers online is measured in double digits, so the “massively” aspect of the game is somewhat lost.

Creating an account

First, you need to create a forum account, then a game account.


Download Tequila, and create a folder for it. The folder must be in an unprotected Windows location, i.e. not Program Files or documents. If you launch Tequila from the folder, it will ask you where to install the game. You need to select the Tequila folder itself. After that, the game will start downloading, which weighs about 5 GB. When the download is complete, the Tequila launch should look like this.

How to play City of Heroes in 2020

Select Homecoming (64-Bit.) If it does not start – Homecoming (32-Bit). If it does not work either, then Homecoming (Safe Mode).

Server selection

Homecoming has 5 servers in total. I advise you to choose Excelsior as the most populated server in general or Everlasting as the server with the most Villains. Villains on all servers are times smaller than Heroes. Reunion, unlike other servers, is in Europe, but given that it is the least populated, I would not recommend playing there. In any case, the choice is not critical, because Homecoming has completely free server transfers.

How to play City of Heroes in 2020

Character creation

In the first window, you have to choose whether you want to start the game in the main universe (City of Heroes Freedom) or in the alternative universe in the spirit of Injustice (City of Heroes Going Rogue). Going Rogue offers slightly higher quality content up to level 20, after which your character is sent to the main universe. To fully enjoy Going Rogue, you need to have some knowledge of the game history, plus Going Rogue is noticeably harder to find a band. I would advise you to create your first character from City of Heroes Freedom. You also need to select Origin, the character’s “source of strength” in this menu. Right now Origin doesn’t affect almost anything, so just choose the one that’s more relevant.

How to play City of Heroes in 2020

Next, you need to select Archetype and Primary Power Set (for the Primary Power Set, you still need to select the start ticket, but this choice is not very important) and Secondary Power Set. This is the most important choice, since you cannot change either Archetype or Power Sets later. For example, if you make Mind Control/Psionic Assault Dominator, it will be impossible to make Darkness Control/Dark Assault Dominator from it.

How to play City of Heroes in 2020

Adjustment of appearance

City of Heroes has a very rich external customisation, so I’ll just stop at a couple of discreet buttons.

Scales gives you access to sliders that allow you to customize your face and body, and the button above (Costume Colors Linked/Unlinked) allows you to select the color of each detail of the suit separately.

How to play City of Heroes in 2020

The Custom tab allows you to customize the appearance of your character’s abilities. For some Power Sets it’s just color settings, while others let you choose from several animations.

How to play City of Heroes in 2020

After that, all you have to do is to select a name in Register and decide whether you want to pass the tutorial. If you initially chose City of Heroes Freedom, the game will offer you three tutorials to choose from.

How to play City of Heroes in 2020

If you choose Outbreak, you will start the game for Hero, if Breakout, you will start the game for Villain. Galaxy City tutorial allows you to select a faction during training. However, this choice is not final – in City of Heroes you can change the fraction an unlimited number of times, plus in addition to starting Hero and Villain there is also Vigilante and Rogue.

Game settings

There are quite a few settings in the game, but I would advise the first thing to do is to enable Free Camera Movement This will make camera control noticeably more similar to other MMORPGs. It is also possible to enable Power Recharge Indicators to see cooldowns in numbers.

How to play City of Heroes in 2020

Now City of Heroes is leading the survey about the best classic MMORPG on Massively Overpowered with an impressive 25% of votes. So the game is worth a try.

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