A step-by-step guide to the Hydroneer game: where to get money, how to buy items, how to skip a night, how to kraft and more

Hydroneer is a new game with a conditionally open world and a kind of Kraft system. In addition to endless “digging” in the game you can search for various relict objects, go fishing and move on a large clumsy hydro truck.

How to play
Let’s start with the objects and the mechanics. As soon as you appear in the game for the first time, you will only have in front of you a lantern and shovel, with which you can dig out resources. On the other side of the pitch, by the river, you will also find an ownerless bucket, a trough and a brush. To find resources, you need to place some land in the trough, pour water on it, then brush it.

How to play Hydroneer

When you have enough resources, put them all in a bucket, take it and go to a shop on an elevated site. Put the bucket on the table to see how much money you will get for the resources. If you agree to the deal, click on the purple button below the amount. The coins will appear in the bucket in front of you.

How to play Hydroneer

For money you can buy other items in game stores. In every part of the world you will find a store that has improved items, as well as other useful equipment for Kraft and so on. Throw your money in the trough, select an item to buy and put it on a wooden surface behind a table. At this point the sum of the item will appear on the table. If you have enough money, click on the purple button, and then you can take the item out of the store.

Basic items
Shovel – allows digging up a small part of the earth.
Improved shovel – allows you to dig faster and dig up more ground.
Kirk – breaks the ground, very useful in construction.
Bucket – place land, water or resources here for transportation.
Taz – only with a trough can you clean the land and get the resources.
Brush – used on the trough, which has water and land, to clean the resources.
Lamp – light the road in front of you.
Udochka – allows you to catch fish, which in turn can be sold to the store.
Streetlight – if you do not want to miss the night all the time, light up your base with such lights.
Wooden foundation – suitable for building a base.
Miner helmet – allows you to light the way in front of you.
Designer’s hammer – not a single thing will move after hitting with such an object.

In addition to these items, there are other things in the game to buy, with which you can build a forge, as well as build a house. Explore the world to open new cities and shops with these items!

How to play Hydroneer

How to Earn Coins Fast

The first and main way to earn coins in the game is to dig for resources. But, to tell you the truth, it’s quite a tedious occupation. Therefore, to quickly earn coins, we suggest using the following scheme. Go to the nearest field and dig up enough resources to earn the first 52 coins. This amount is enough to quickly raise money in the game. Once you do that, run to the nearest shop and buy a fishing rod. Go to any water body, bring the car there (preferably backwards), and right from the body start fishing. It’s very easy to do: when the fish peck, just press the paintwork and it will go straight to the truck body.

How to wait until morning.

To skip the night quickly, you need to buy a bed. Now that this item is in your base, just click on it and wait until morning.

How to Craft Complex Items

To craft complex items, such as swords, gemstone rings and others, you need to buy a furnace, anvil, crucible, casting mold, and of course, a smithy hammer. Place all these items at your base, fire up the stove and start the Kraft.

Let’s analyze the Kraft on the example of a gold ring with a sapphire. First you need to find enough gold to melt it into a bar. So: take the gold pieces and place them in a crucible. Then throw the crucible onto a furnace that’s already divorced. When the crucible turns red, pour its contents into the casting mould. That’s how you get the gold bullion. The remnants of the gold can be used later on.

Now that you have the bullion, throw it straight into the furnace until it heats up to red. You should put the gem on the anvil beforehand. When everything is ready, place the stones and the ingot on an anvil and use a hammer. The ring is ready!

These are all the basic tips you’ll need on the first pair. A little later, we’ll complete this guide with advanced tips on how to mine, build houses and structures, and explore caves.

How to fill a truck

The truck runs on water and the tank with “fuel” is right on the roof of the car. If you are running out of water on your way, click on the “Get out” menu to get to the nearest water body. Take a bucket or basin, fill it with water and pour it into the truck tank.

How to play Hydroneer

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