New World has been out for months now, but there hasn’t been any recent news about controller support. Can gamers use gamepads to play the popular MMO?   

New World may have fallen from grace, but it is still one of the more popular MMORPGs ever released in a while. Many players are still in the game as they wait for more new content and further improvements to the land of Aeternum. The game is just available on PC, and devs have stated that it might not come to consoles anytime soon. However, gamers can still opt to use a controller for their New World accounts

Does New World Support Controllers? 

New World does allow players to use controllers for grinding New World gold. However, it is not fully supported by the game. Fortunately for controller players, Amazon enabled re-bindable keybindings and ensured that gamepads were compatible with the game’s accessibility control devices. This means that adventurers can change their hotkeys and button assignments to accommodate their controller once it is plugged in. 

Though gamers can choose to use controllers when playing the hit MMORPG, using a different gamepad does present several limitations. However , it will only take several minutes of rebinding and setting up for those bent on using console gamepads. However, gamers might have to use 3rd-party software applications. Adventurers will have to be ready to experience some issues with their usage of controllers since they are not fully optimized for New World. 

How to Enable the Use of Controllers in the New World? 

There are several steps that gamers need to follow to ensure that they can properly install and enable controllers before starting to play. Here are the things that need to be followed: 

Enabling Controller Support 

  1. Select the big picture icon found at the top right side of the Steam App 
  2. Open the Settings tab by clicking on the cog icon found in the window’s top right corner. 
  3. Open Controller Settings 
  4. There will be several checkboxes for Configuration Support. Select the boxes for Xbox, Play Station, and Generic Gamepad to allow Controller Support 

Installing a Configuration 

  1. Open New World from the Steam launcher 
  2. While in-game, open the Steam Overlay by pressing Shift+Tab. 
  3. Open the Controller Configuration at the top-right corner of the overlay. 
  4. In the following screen, select Browse Configs and click Community. The Community generates many gamepads configuration options. It will make the controller installation much more accessible for gamers to pick one out of the list rather than create one themselves. 
  5. Choose one config from the list. Once an option has been selected, the set-up can be used by selecting “Import Config.” 
  6. Once the import has finished, players can now apply the set-up by selecting “Apply Configuration. 

Remapping Controllers 

  1. Click the big picture icon at the top right side to Open Big Picture Mode 
  2. Open the Settings tab by selecting the cog on the top right corner of the screen 
  3. Open the Base Configuration found under the Controller Category 
  4. Open Controller Configuration by selecting Desktop Configuration 
  5. Select any of the keys to remap them freely 

Limitations to Using a Controller 

Since gamepads are not fully optimized for New World, gamers should expect to hit some limitations. Playing with controllers can be a bit restricting, especially for those who are more used to gamepads than the keyboard and mouse setup. Here are the current constraints to help gamers know what to expect: 

  • No Aim Assist 
  • Menu Navigation is not Supported but is still possible 
  • Keyboard and Mouse Icons will not be replaced 
  • Some gamepads might not be supported, especially when they aren’t up to standard or are outdated. 
  • Players might potentially get stuck in a menu action set. 


  • If an issue seems unresolvable, resetting back to the default set-up before the configuration can potentially solve the problem. 
  • Gamers should use different controllers if the one they are using is incompatible with the game. 
  • It is more optimal to use a Wireless or Bluetooth controller to avoid any wire complications. 
  • Constantly update the controller’s firmware to avoid any complications.  
  • Players can change the Camera Sensitivity to compensate for the lack of Aim Assist. 
  • When accessing the game’s Main Menu, it is highly recommended to keep using the keyboard and mouse instead of the controller. 

Using controllers has many restrictions that will hinder the adventurer’s gameplay. However, it is not entirely impossible to enjoy farming New World gold while using gamepads. As long as players follow the correct steps and remember the tips for resolving issues, they can have a great time using controllers in the MMO.  

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