As with any team shooter, at Valorant you need to keep in touch with your team to win. Voice chat is the easiest way, but not everyone has a microphone and for some players communicating with unknown people causes discomfort. Luckily, that’s why the regular text chat was invented, where you can write the necessary information for the team. In this guide you will learn how to communicate with your allies in the chat.

How to write a common chat in Valorant.

To write a chat message for your allies, simply click on Enter and write a message, after which all the players of the match will be able to see it. To make sure that you are sending a message accurately to your team, you can type “/party” before the information you want to share with allies.

If you want to send a message to a general chat, just click on Shift+Enter, after which the chat will open for all players of the match. You can also send a message to a general chat by simply clicking on Enter and typing “/all” before the information you want to share with all players.

This system may seem familiar to you if you have played League of Legends, another game from Riot Games because they are the same. However, there are some teams in League of Legends that are not yet in Valorant, such as sending personal messages to a certain player.

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