Raising the clan level offers many advantages. Below we will talk about how to quickly lvl up the rank of your clan.

Clan is an important game aspect, and if you ignore its development, you simply can’t move further on the story campaign Bannerlord. Open the Clan Information tab to find out about your current financial situation, income, expenses, family or affiliates. The level of the clan is vital, as the size of the unit depends on it. The higher the level, the more units and companions you can hire.

Raising the level of the clan is a simple but long process. You need glory that you can earn for winning battles. For example, to pump up the clan level to the fourth, you need 900 units of glory. Battle against a squad of bandits of 30 people will give you 1 point of fame. As you can see, it’s a very long time.

You can speed up the pumping of the clan. All you have to do is focus on bigger battles. Destroying larger armies, especially with veteran generals, will give you a much more visible increase in glory. By analogy, you can get a good reward for taking over castles and fortresses. Much more than attacking a small settlement or village.

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