While most of the shrines in the Forgotten Forest are guarded by enemies, the Fisherman’s Shrine in Kena: Bridge of Spirits is defended by a riddle. And at first glance the riddle can be confusing, so you may not immediately realize that the riddle needs to be solved, and most importantly how to do it. Below in this walkthrough guide, we’ll tell you how to restore the Fisherman’s Temple in Kena: Bridge of Spirits?

How to rebuild the Fisherman’s Temple in Kena: Bridge of Spirits
Already in the early stages of the game in Kena: Bridge of Spirits, you will need to collect three relics belonging to Beni and Saya’s brother, Taro, to help free his spirit. One of these three quests, Taro’s Love, will take you to the Forgotten Forest, where you must recover four ancient shrines to unlock the Guardian Tree.

How to Restore the Fisherman’s Temple in Kena Bridge of Spirits
The Fisherman’s Temple is the easternmost of the shrines. As with the other shrines, you must use the Rot to clear the Dead Zone Heart growing above the Shrine, but you must first open the Dead Zone Heart.

There are four stone statues surrounding the small island where the Fisherman’s Temple is located, and each of these statues has a blue crystal that you can shoot an arrow at with your Ghost Bow. The trick is that you have to shoot them in the right order or nothing will happen except a couple of butterfly enemies appearing as punishment for your failure.

Here’s how to solve the Fisherman’s Sanctuary puzzle:
Stand in front of the Fisherman’s Sanctuary facing the Sanctuary itself.

Shoot the crystal from the front and right.

Shoot the crystal from behind and to the left.

Shoot the crystal from behind and to the right.

Shoot the crystal from the front and left.

If you want to know how the hell you’re supposed to determine this order: stand in front of the Sanctuary and pulse once and look carefully at the candles under the Sanctuary. There are four sets, each representing one of the surrounding crystals, and they will glow in the order in which you need to shoot the crystals.

Shooting the crystals in that order will reveal the Heart of the Dead Zone, allowing you to destroy it and clear the Fisherman’s Temple.

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