Dissatisfaction grows when you miss a day and ignore operations in a particular region. Complete discontent in one region gives 1 unit of anarchy every day. Below we tell you how to reduce these figures.

How to reduce dissatisfaction in the XCOM: Chimera Squad region.

There are several options. The first is to use additional field unit operations. Open the Map screen and you will see “empty squares” in each region. Click on them and you can form field units. There are 3 warband types. Each one uses intelligence to form them. But every week the units will generate different profits, including intelligence. Projects will appear in the assembly complex, which will unlock the improved and perfect field units. After that you will be able to pump their level to the second and third respectively. The more units of the same type you have, the higher their hiring and pumping costs.

Once you have created a field squad, you will be able to use the skill at the bottom of the map. The first of them is Vigilance. It allows you to reduce dissatisfaction in any selected area, if there is a field squad. Kuldaun – 3 moves.

Quarantine is another field unit ability that indirectly affects dissatisfaction. It stops any changes in dissatisfaction in the region by several moves (captures values). That is, if you have two operations, you can fix dissatisfaction in one region, and choose a side task in the other.

The second way is to perform the task in a particular region. If there are no operations in the region, the level of dissatisfaction will never increase. If there are operations in two regions, you will have to decide in which region to ignore the mission (which means that dissatisfaction will increase by 2 points), and in which region to perform (will decrease by 2 points).

The third option – in special operations there will be a mission “Humanitarian aid”. It will take 5 days to complete. After its completion you will reduce discontent by 1 unit in each region. Requires a character of 4 or 5 rank.

How to reduce anarchy in a city

The anarchy grows once in a turn by 1 unit for each region of the city with the maximum level of discontent.

First, there is the ability of the field units, which is located at the bottom of the screen on the map of the city. It’s called the Major Crimes Investigation Unit.

The second way is to complete the investigation into one of the three factions. In that case, the anarchy is reduced by four moves.

To stop it from growing, make sure that there are no regions with maximum dissatisfaction in the city (red scale).

Later in special operations there will be a mission “Anti-crisis management”. It takes 5 days to complete it, but it reduces the level of anarchy by 3 units. Requires a character of 4 or 5 ranks.

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