Scars in XCOM: Chimera Squad appear after scene or side effects. Below we tell you how it happens and what to do to remove them.

First, if any agent in your squad is fatally wounded, he won’t die. Instead, he starts bleeding. To stop the bleeding, you have to interact with the wounded character by any agent. Each agent will have the ability to “Stabilize.” The bleeding will be stopped, the agent will pass out and no longer be able to take part in combat. He will also be guaranteed a scar.

However, any agent of yours who has lost more than half of his health per mission is also unlikely to return with the scar.

Scars are traumas that produce permanent negative effects. They range from reduced range to overall health, marksmanship, evasion or protection. And if you don’t heal the scar, send an agent on a mission and faint again, then one scar will impose on the other. That means the wound will become deeper.

However, regardless of the depth of this injury, it can be cured. To do this, open a training ground at the headquarters (it will be available after 2-3 tasks). Here you can train agents by increasing their parameters. And here you will also have training sessions to heal them from injuries. Place an injured agent here, select the desired item and wait for the specified number of days. He’ll be completely cured.

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