Tired of your axe always breaking? In this Valheim guide, you’ll learn how to repair tools and how much it costs.

As with any survival game that features crafting, players will collect quite a few different resources throughout the course of Valheim. Unfortunately, this means that the tools they use to collect these items will probably break at least a few hundred times. However, you don’t need to create a new axe every time it breaks, as you can repair tools in-game. Here’s what you need to know.

How to repair tools in Valheim
Making tools in Valheim can be expensive, especially when you unlock upgrades like bronze and iron. Being able to repair them may seem like an easy task, but some players have found that they create new tools instead, because repairs are not as easy in the current version of the game.

Repair tools can be found in any workbench or forge, depending on where you made the items. All you have to do to repair items is find the little hammer icon next to the item creation window. Clicking on this hammer will repair your items one at a time, so go ahead and spam away. Once all of your repairable items are back to perfect condition, the hammer will turn gray, which means you can no longer repair.

As of the publication of this article, the current version of Valheim does not require you to have additional resources to repair tools. However, this may change in the future, and we will update if it does.

You can repair almost any item you can create in the game, including tools, weapons, and armor sets. You can also repair walls and other structures, but that’s a separate topic for the next guide. Read also how to fish in Valheim.

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