Like most survival games, you have various settings to keep track of so you can stay alive while you pass Grounded. While hunger and thirst are important, your health scale is much more important. In this walkthrough guide, we want to show you how to restore Grounded’s health, and tips to help you keep it safe.

When you face enemies such as ants soldiers, or die in another way and recover, you will need to restore your health. Eating food makes up for your hunger a little, but unlike other survival games, it doesn’t cure your health.
How to Restore Your Health
To restore your health, you need to make bandages. Throughout the game you will be able to create different from different materials, but the base one is called Fibre Bandage.

How to restore your health in Grounded.

As you can see in the screenshot above, you will need three plant fibers and two juices. You will find a fiber lying in the game world (it looks like small pieces of grass sticking out from the ground) and you will need to look at branches and wood to find the juice. Both resources are quite common and they are easy to find.

Then click “View”, scroll to the Crafts tab and find items under the Snacks.
Once you’ve collected the required items and created them, pressing A should find bandages in your inventory, so just go to this section and use it from there. Then, as soon as you get back in the game, you should heal a little. Depending on how much damage you have taken, you may need more than one bandage.

That’s all you need to know about how to heal in Grounded.

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