You want to save all civilians in the 2nd mission during Desperados 3. In this guide we have collected all the tips and tricks to help you do this.

In this guide Desperados 3 provides information on how to save all civilians in mission 2 – Late Pay Day. There are 5 groups of innocent people to be saved. Helping them all will be rewarded with a badge (challenge) and will bring you 100% closer to completing the stage.

Full step-by-step passage for mission 2 in Desperados 3 is in our separate passage.

Points of presence of all civilians

You don’t need to help all civilians escape to complete mission 2, and you won’t fail the level if one of them dies. However, you must try to save them all – this is one of the tasks of this level. You need to complete all the trials to complete this mission 100%.

The groups of civilians are shown on the map above. Of course, you do not need to save them in the order they are marked on the map. Detailed information on how to save all innocent people can be found in the description of individual items.

How to save all civilians

You must go through this place to get to the locomotive and the destroyed tunnel. You will notice that one of the gangsters is shooting at people who are hiding behind rocks. The easiest way to help them is to use one of Cooper’s revolvers and shoot them from behind a rock. Be prepared – the gangster’s death will be noticed by his colleague standing on the mountain near the cars. Shoot him with Cooper’s second revolver.

Don’t try to wait for the first gun to reload, you won’t have enough time for that.

Hostages are held in an area with five gangsters. You’ll meet them on your way north. We recommend that you deal with the gangsters in the order shown in the picture:

Enemy 1 wears a poncho and walks on the edge of a cliff. Wait until he goes as far south as possible and attack him from behind as he walks next to the sandbags. The attack will not be visible to another opponent in the poncho. Wait for the right moment to move the body into the bushes.

Use a first aid kit and coin to force the enemy to turn 180 degrees and move away from the others. Get rid of him by any means, then hide his body in the bushes.

Use the first aid kit and coin again, this time to draw enemy attention 3. Make sure the bag lands behind the rocks and is out of the enemy’s sight in the poncho.

Follow enemy 4 (the other in the poncho) and get rid of him.

Destroy enemy 5 as you wish.

Two men are at gunpoint in the area to the left of the locomotive. Do not rush to kill the bandits by targeting them, because this way you can easily raise the alarm. The enemy in the poncho stands on the next hill – he’s watching the area. It’s best to shoot him with a deception (don’t worry – no one will notice his death or find his body). If that’s not possible, it’s best to postpone saving the civilians and go down the stairs to get close to the enemy in the poncho.

That’s not all. Take care of the bandit running around in a green shirt (he runs to point 4 below) and the enemy who leaves the train from time to time. Only then do you decide to eliminate the gangster who targets the prisoners.

Another group of hostages is to the right of the locomotive. This is the area with one of the ammunition crates. If the enemy in the green shirt is still alive (the one described in point 3), first dispose of this enemy. Before attacking his friend guarding the prisoners, make sure that one of the opponents in the north is not walking / looking in this direction. He may be warned by your actions.

Be sure to save the game before going to the hill, because the last hostage can easily die. This man is being questioned by Mary Ann. Once you get close to them, the final part of the interrogation begins – the man will be shot.

Stay away from Mary Ann and the hostages until you’re ready. We recommend you get rid of as many enemies as possible and set up a small camp on the hill. Use Showdown Mode to plan a joint attack against Mary Ann and the bandit watching her. In the example from our painting, we killed them using Cooper’s knife and McCoy’s scope. The task should be completed as soon as the hostage on the hill is safe.

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