Stoneshard is not an easy game, and one of the most incomprehensible things in the game is the system of storing the game progress. If you don’t know how to save the game in Stoneshard, our guide will help you in this.

How to save the game in Stoneshard

In most video games the storage system is very simple, but not in all games it is. For example, in Stoneshard, the storage system is unusual.

One thing you just need to remember is that you can’t save your progress during training. But it should be noted that there are checkpoints all the way through. You will find a checkpoint just before the Battle of the Ascended Archons, and another one will be available before you go exploring the rest of the Abbey corridors.

How to manually save the game

You may not be able to understand how to manually save the game. Because the only way to save the game in Stoneshard is Adventure mode. To save the game, you need to sleep on the bed in Stoneshard adventure mode. You can find the bed in the tavern, but there is one problem. You don’t have room to sleep until you rent a bed from the tavern in Stoneshard Adventure mode. Once you can get a room, you won’t have to sleep all night.

You can sleep for an hour just to keep your progress, best because you will not feel thirsty and hungry. Once you are able to choose your character class, you can visit the bartender to get your own room.

You can rent a room for a certain period, the longer the rental period, the cheaper it is for you. After you rent a room, you can return to it and save your progress at any time. The best thing you can do is to come and save the game before going on a great adventure in Stoneshard or a difficult battle. Keep in mind that the game has only one file save, and each save is overwritten. If you start a new game, you will lose your progress.

But this room is not only used to save your progress. You can store your extra lout here in your stash.

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