Want to know how to sell ore, bars, gemstones in Hydroneer, in this guide we will tell you about the first of many ways to sell gemstones and gold in Hydroneer.

How to sell in Hydroneer

There are several ways to sell Hydroneer, this passageway will affect only the first of many ways. Please note that you can only sell:

Gold ore;

Iron ore;

Gold ingots;

Iron Bullions;


Note: You can also sell items made on anvils.

How to sell ore, bars, gemstones in Hydroneer

And so let’s see how to sell. First, you have to go up this road all the way. You need to get to the well with the table behind it.

How to sell ore, bars, gemstones in Hydroneer

You want to put your iron, gold or gems on the table that you see below, they can be in a pot or bucket and it will only take valuable things.

Once your items are on the table, you want to click the button below to get the coins.

This is all you need to know to sell ore, bars, gemstones.

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