Research in XCOM: Chimera Squad is conducted in the assembly complex, which opens after the first mission of the game (prologue). Each individual study requires some time (number of days), but it can be accelerated.

Firstly, your own agents are used to speed it up. At first you can only add one agent. When opening an assembly complex, look for an empty cell in the bottom left corner of the screen. I can’t remember exactly, but the first one seems to be available by default.

If it’s not available, then I was wrong. In that case, both the first and the second one can be unlocked after the necessary research is done. Remember that the agent used in the build cannot take part in missions and will not be available until the current research is completed. One agent speeds up research time by a factor of 2. That is, instead of 4 days, for example, it will only take two.

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