If you know how to switch classes (shells) in Mortal Shell, you are saved. In this guide we want to tell you how to switch classes in Mortal Shell quickly and for free.

The classes (shells) in Mortal Shell are different, and each has its own strengths that are better suited to a particular location or enemy. But you can’t just willy-nilly change classes. So how do I change classes in Mortal Shell?

How do you switch classes (shells) to the Mortal Shell?

There is only one free way to switch classes or shells in Mortal Shell. It’s at Fallgrim Tower next to the Old Prisoner (the beast to which you bring the Glands). Once you find all the classes, you’ll see them in the tombs next to the Sisters. Just go to the one you want to switch to and interact with it.

But there’s another way to switch between classes, just for money. There are consumables in the world that allow you to change equipment and classes. These items are called Effigy of Tiel, Effigy of Solomon, Effigy of Harros and Eredrim. Once used, they allow you to switch to the shell in question. If you do not remember what kind of shell it is, you can view its names in the menu. Teal is a thief-like character with great endurance, Solomon is a scientist with great determination, Eredrim is a strong knight, and Harros is a balanced knight.

How quickly to change the shells in the Mortal Shell

These four items are scattered all over the game and are sold in stores. You can place them in the quick select menu for quick access. They are enough to switch classes infrequently, but not enough to do it every time you feel like doing it. It’s not like changing weapons.

Just be careful. Don’t use these items if you die and leave one of your shells in the world. It will make you go back to the old class when you take your shell. To fight this, add an item of the desired class to your quick selection, take the old shell(class), and then use the item to switch to the one you want.

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