In this Valheim guide, you’ll learn how to tame boars and get endless amounts of skin and raw meat.

Valheim is a challenging survival and crafting game that forces you to work at just about everything. But every once in a while it gives you a boon, like being able to tame boars and breed them to get unlimited leather and raw meat! Learn how to do this from our Valheim boar taming guide with more tips on how to feed and care for your boars.

How to tame a boar. The best method
Taming boars in Valheim is a very rewarding activity in the first few days of Valheim. It’s a fairly easy task if you set it up right, and with a little care and attention you’ll soon have a real leather and raw meat farm, almost guaranteeing that you’ll never run out of any of the materials again.

The safest and most reliable method of taming a boar is to first build an enclosure of wooden fences with round posts. It doesn’t have to be huge, just a dozen or so fences. Leave a gap because you will need to lure the boar into the corral.

Once the corral is built, find the boar and get it to attack you. Run back into the corral, then jump over the fence as soon as the Boar follows you inside. Then quickly use your hammer to place the last piece of fence in the gap so the boar can’t escape.

So you’ve caught the boar, but how do you tame it? To tame a boar, all you have to do is repeatedly feed it mushrooms, carrots, raspberries, or blueberries. Drop any of these pieces of food on the ground in front of the Boar by clicking the food in your inventory and then clicking outside the inventory window.

Throw the food over the fence and wait for the Boar to eat it. You will see yellow hearts appear around the boar as it feeds, and if you get close to it at this point, you will see that the boar is in an “acclimatizing” state, and the value “Tame” will be indicated. which shows how close to tame the boar has become. Continue to feed the boar for a few days until this percentage reaches 100%, after which the boar will be fully tame.

Note: this is also a great chance to improve your stealth skill! Sneaking around the enclosure while the Boar is still wild offers a safe way to farm Stealth experience points and improve your skill level very quickly.

Congratulations! You have tamed a boar. But one tamed boar is of little use to you. You can pet it and it will tell you that it loves you, and that’s good. But you’ll actually need more boars to make them really useful.

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