Talk about two vital functions in the role-playing game Cyberpunk 2077.

The first Quick Travel Points will appear in Watson after introductory missions. Let’s figure out how to open even more points.

All terminals for fast travel are marked with blue markers on the map. To unlock them, just approach the terminals at a distance of 50 meters. Interaction is not necessary at all. However, for the movement itself should get to the nearest terminal and interact with it. The map will open, and you will see other blue markers. Choose any of the available markers to quickly move to another place.

As for the skip time, everything is simple. Look for the Mega Tower H10 fast moving point. It is located near the apartment V, which is also marked on the map as a “gray house”. Enter the apartment and go to bed. Each time you sleep, the time is rewound 6 hours ahead. You can sleep as many times as you want to the row.

Remarkably another thing: if any task says that the NPC will contact you the next day or a couple of days, the trivial rewind will not solve the problem. You should not only rewind the time, but also leave your apartment and travel around the city a little. The character will call you at any moment.

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