In this guy Risk of Rain 2 we have collected tips and tricks that will help you unlock all characters (Survivors), such as: Rex, Mercenary and others.

Chaotic third-person shooter and multiplayer game Risk of Rain 2, now available in Steam. Players will explore a new dimension by breaking through hordes of monsters, collecting prey on the move, and eventually finding their way out of the planet.

How do you unlock all the characters

To unlock the characters in Risk of Rain 2, you must meet certain criteria, many of which are indicated on the log page in the game. However, if you’re looking for a list that you can browse quickly without knowing the hints, read our guide.

The Commando character is available as soon as you run Risk of Rain 2. There’s no need to unlock it.

The first truly unlocked character in Risk of Rain 2 is the Engineer. In total you will need to pass 30 levels during the game. However, you don’t need to perform them in one pass, so take your time and enjoy. In time you will unlock the Engineer naturally.

Goddess of Hunting
To do this, you will need to pass the first level three times in a row without getting killed in Rain 2. It is quite easy to do, especially if you have several friends who play together in cooperative mode. If you don’t succeed, try to play Risk of Rain 2 in cooperative mode.

To unlock Artificer in Risk of Rain 2, you need to start collecting lunar coins. Specifically, you’ll need 10. Once you have 10 lunar coins, pay attention to the Statues of the Triton. These are the shiny blue rocks that you probably saw during your adventure on different levels.

Activate one of them, which will cost you one lunar coin and get a blue ball. Keep going through the levels and beat the boss. However, do not go through the teleporter at this point, as usual. Instead, you should look for a blue portal that will take you to the Bazaar.

Then you can use the remaining 10 lunar coins to buy a magician here. It’s worth noting that it has no protection, utility or mobility, but high damage and a flamethrower’s ulta.

Mercenary .
The next of the unlocked characters in Risk of Rain 2 seems to be in the hands of the HSG gods, and frankly, there’s a little confusion about how to unlock them. First you need to wait for the Heaven Portal to appear, which players think appears after one cycle at the end of the third wave, although it can also be just a HLF.

Once it appears, go through the teleporter and you will meet Obelisk. Here you will have two choices: to destroy yourself at the obelisk or enter the portal. Any choice will unlock the mercenary, but if you choose Destroy yourself, you will unlock the mercenary immediately.

Mule-T is actually just a case of destroying the boss of Rain 2. You will need to defeat the level 1 teleport boss five times in five separate matches. After that you will get Mul-T. Some sources say that you can also unlock this character by going to the third area in less than 10 minutes and opening the box. We haven’t been able to check it ourselves yet.

This strange mixture of robot and plant is the last character to appear in the game as part of Scorched Acres update. At the beginning of the game, walk to the back of the escape pod and press E to remove the fuel array from it. Head to the Bottomless Depths and watch out for Rex.

You’ll probably need to use different vents to climb to higher levels, and you’ll also need to watch out for Rex’s red back when he collapses on the floor. Approach it and use E again to insert fuel array into this bot plant, and you will unlock Rex as a game character.

What to do if the character doesn’t unlock?
Since Rain 2 was recently released, there is a chance that some characters may not unlock at the first try. For example, some players claimed that the Engineer didn’t open after passing 30 levels, some of which could have been passed in cooperative mode. If this is the case, we suggest that you just keep trying to meet the requirements for each character as mentioned above.

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