To make your shark in Maneater even more formidable, you’ll have to unlock many mutations. Check out our manual to make it easy to get them!

Sonar (radar)
It’s a starting power. You can improve it so that you can see objects from even greater distances.

Protein splitting
You can get for all the sights in Fawtick Bayou. When you eat someone, you will recover more KP and also get 20% more protein from all its sources.

Bioelectric kit
The Bio-electric kit will allow you to stun your enemies after you have bitten them enough times. This will increase the total damage. The more items in the kit you equip, the higher the electrical damage will be. You can get the entire set by killing particularly dangerous enemies from the Infamy Target category. The more people you kill, the higher your fame level will be. Destroy hunter boats so that bosses appear as soon as possible.

It’s another award for destroying bosses and raising fame. As the name implies, it increases the KP stockpile and the protection against being pushed off the boats.

Bone set.
Kill Apex in Dead Horse Lake, Golden Shores, Sapphire Bay, Prosp Sands, Caviar Bay and Gulf. This set increases the damage to boats, making it much easier to kill hunters.

Get it after killing Apex at Fawtick Bay. You’ll travel faster outside the water and be able to live longer on land.

Splitting minerals.
Another improvement you will get for increasing fame (dishonor) and destroying bosses. Like protein breakdown, you will get more KP when you eat and more minerals from all mineral springs.

Raise your fame and destroy your bosses. And you’ll get this item! The mutation will give you a strong buff with a low KP stock. But otherwise, it’s useless.

A set of shadows
Find all the attractions on Dead Horse Lake, Golden Shores, Sapphire Bay, Prosp Sands, Caviar Bay and Gulf. This kit lets you poison your enemies and even slow them down for a while!

Splitting Fats
Beat Pete in Sapphire Bay. You’ll get more KP when you eat someone, and more fat from their sources.

Gross muscles.
This is the last upgrade you can get by raising fame and killing Captain Robert.

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