We tell in detail about the alien skin in the remake of the original game, Mafia: Definitive Edition.

Let’s start with the fact that in the “Walking” mode you can change Tommy Angelo’s clothes. To do this, you should go up to the second floor of the Salieri bar and turn to the room on the left. Look there for a closet. The costumes available in this closet depend on how far you have gone in the story line. It goes without saying that the full passage of the game will unlock almost all the clothes. And even the skin of an elderly Thomas Angelo!

Invasion of aliens in Mafia: Definitive Edition

In addition, you will receive new costumes by performing bonus tasks on notes by Herbert Baskerville from Salieri’s bar. But the most unusual costume of the game is the clothing of an alien. It actually allows Tommy to change into an alien.

To unlock the costume, you must complete a bonus mission on a note from Salieri’s bar, “Alien Invasion” (perhaps the translation is different).

First, go to the Salieri bar. Go up to the second floor and enter the room on the right (right hand). Here hang the paintings.
Change the weather, interacting with the paintings. You must do the night time.
Now, at night, go to the working quarter (Works Quarter on the map) and look for a circular road in the corner.
Next will be the phone. It should be ringing. Answer the call.
A bonus mission will begin. Shoot the spaceship that will kidnap people. You will have to repeat this several times, chasing the ship from one point to another.
Till you get to the lighthouse. Beat off the clones of people, destroy the generator and attack the ship again. Congratulations! Now you have a costume of an alien!

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