Black Desert Mobile has an auto play and today in this guide we will tell you how to unlock the automatic combat function.

Black Desert Mobile is slightly different from Black Desert Online. However, this is a very competent game compared to other MMORPG games on mobile devices. The game has many features of BDO, in addition to excellent features such as automatic combat.

Unlike some other mobile MMORPG, Black Desert Mobile does not allow you to use the autoplay from the beginning of the game.

How to Unlock Auto Battle in Black Desert Mobile

To unlock an auto-combat in Black Desert Mobile, it takes a little more time before this feature is available, in particular, it will be locked until your Black Spirit grows up, it will happen about level 13.

How to unlock auto-combat in Black Desert Mobile

It’s best to get to level 13 quickly by simply following your story quests, as they also essentially teach you how to play the game and gain knowledge in the world. You will want to keep up with them, because after unlocking autoplay also.

As soon as your Black Spirit becomes a little more creepy, and you will unlock the automatic battle, you can find it in the main interface.

Look down on your health panel, there you will see the auto-combat button. Click on it to enable the new feature, and let your character start working, killing the closest enemies without your participation.

Enabling Auto Battle doesn’t mean that the game will perform quests for you. You still need to click on the quests on the tracker to move to their location, but as soon as you arrive, you can turn on the automatic combat again and let your character to take control over you.

That’s all you need to know about how to unlock auto battles in Black Desert Mobile.

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