In Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, it can be difficult to distinguish yourself from other players. Fortunately, there are several ways to set up your Fall Guy. There are several ways to get new colors, cosmetics, faces and more.

How to get new cosmetic items

Currently, there are two ways to get new cosmetic items: through awards offered every season and in the store in the game.

Each season Fall Guys lasts several weeks (the first season lasts about two months) and has a list of awards that you can get for all the time. To get items during the season, you will need to play the game and earn fame – the experience you get just by playing. The more you play, the more glory you gain, which reveals the rewards listed on the seasons screen.

How to unlock new costumes and items in Fall Guys
Every season will be different. The first season now includes several new colours, models, sets of clothes and faces to be unlocked. At the end of the season these items may no longer be available.

You can also buy new cosmetic items in Fall Guys shop for game and real currency. The items listed in the store are subject to change:

Every 72 hours, if they are a favorite product or
Every 24 hours, if it’s a regular product.
You can buy this constantly updated list of products with Fame or Crown.

How to unlock new suits and items in Fall Guys
You can get Fame by playing the game, earning them as seasonal awards, or you can buy them for real money in the game store DLC. Both PlayStation Store and Steam allow you to buy more Fame in exchange for real money. These platforms also offer premium cosmetic sets that you can buy for real money.

To buy some cosmetics you need Crown, and you can only get them by winning the Fall Guys game – or through seasonal awards. Winning is not easy, so expect some of the most experienced or lucky players to have these items.

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