How to Unlock The Construct Factoryin Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

If you’re playing “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom,” you’ll need to unlock the Construct Factory in order to progress through the game. Once unlocked, this area will provide access to new items and quests that are essential to completing your journey. Here are some steps on how to unlock the Construct Factory:

Step 1: Complete the Gerudo Fortress Quest

Before you can unlock the Construct Factory, you’ll first need to complete the Gerudo Fortress quest. This quest is located in the southwest region of Hyrule and requires that you infiltrate a fortress filled with hostile guards.

Step 2: Find The Iron Gauntlets

Once you’ve completed Gerudo Fortress, head over to Death Mountain and find a hidden entrance into Goron City. Talk with some of the locals here until they mention an ancient artifact known as The Iron Gauntlets.

Step 3: Use The Iron Gauntlets To Access The Desert

With The Iron Gauntlets now in your possession, return back south towards Gerudo Valley and climb up onto one of its mesa tops where there’s a small shrine nearby hiding away an entrance opening up into tunnels connecting Goron City with Lake Hylia South Shore Portal leading into East Desert – it’s just beyond this area that leads towards Zora Domain which has been blocked by ice since calamity hit about 100 years ago.

Go through these tunnels until reaching an underground lake – from here make your way through caves leading eventually out at West Beach where Link should see another entrance on cliff wall going even further northwest called ‘Desert Gateway.’ It’s here players will encounter more guards who will try their best stopping Link from entering despite his best efforts using different tactics including smokescreens or distraction techniques like scattering rocks around them or setting traps along path ahead forcing player either change directions in order avoid taking direct path or figure out solution by dealing with enemies differently each time confronted.

Step 4: Enter The Construct Factory

Once you’ve made it through the wilderness and past all of the guards, you’ll finally arrive at the entrance to the Construct Factory. Here, you’ll find a complex labyrinth filled with puzzles that must be solved in order to progress further.

By following these steps and successfully unlocking the Construct Factory, Link can acquire many new weapons and items that will help him throughout his journey in “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.” So put on your thinking cap and gear up for adventure because there’s a whole world waiting to be explored!

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