Ghost of Tsushima has various racks, and the Water Rack is one of the first racks you can explore. In this guide we want to tell you how to unlock and pump the Water Rack in Ghost of Tsushima.
Ghost of Tsushima racks.
When exploring a quest map in Ghost of Tsushima, you’ll have to cross swords with enemies. The basic combat mechanics are simple, but not all the fighters you encounter will be easy to defeat with your basic stand.

As the game progresses, you will encounter new enemies that bring something new to the battle than swords. To kill them, you need to learn and implement new sword stands.

In this guide Ghost of Tsushima, we will teach you everything you need to know about how to unlock new sword stands and how to get new abilities for each stand.
How to unlock new racks
Unlocking the new stands in Ghost of Tsushima is effortless. In fact, when you explore the island and increase your legend, you will naturally explore the new racks.

To get new props, you need to win or watch several Mongolian leaders. When you beat them, the game will slow down and will show you how many more leaders you need to win or explore before you get a new style. Group leaders are easy to recognize, most often they are dressed with armor and differ from ordinary enemies.

Just beat the leaders across the island, and you’ll open up new stands. For reference: If you want to unlock a new position, check the requirements for each one in the menu of your position in the section “Techniques” and then “Pillars”.

Most of the battle in Ghost of Tsushima is based on swords, and the props help you defeat your enemies faster when they use certain weapons and armor.

Almost any attack can deliver a fatal blow, but enemies with Shields can be easily defeated by stunning them with heavy attacks (Triangle Button). For example, the Water Rack, which deals additional damage to this particular type of enemy, is the best solution.

Here are four main positions that you can unlock by defeating the leaders:
The Stone Pillar is effective against the Swordsmen.
Waterproof stand – effective against thytrons
Wind Rack – effective against Spearheads
The Moon Rack is effective against the Beast.
As you face new types of enemies, you’ll have to change your combat stand in the middle of the battle to adapt to the new enemies you face. To change the sword stand, clamp R2 and press the corresponding face button assigned to each combat stand. When dealing with multiple types of enemies, you may need to constantly change sword stands to break through their defence with heavy attacks.
How to unlock new rack skills
While each rack offers new abilities from the start, you can enhance them with new skills or bafes to make the rack stronger.

Each rack starts with two unique attacks plus four additional techniques or style improvements. To unlock new abilities on a rack, go to the Rack menu and spend technique points on new talents in each rack. You must unlock new abilities in order, so keep that in mind.

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