So, the first ability you unlock is throwing a spider web. You can use it to knit different enemies, and also activate levers located behind cubic walls (where there are slots). As long as you only have this ability, there should be no problem activating it.

The second ability in the queue is jerk. With its help, holding E, you can break up grids, doors and wooden walls. You can also use it to attack enemies. However, you can only use this ability if you have at least 1 additional unit of biomass. Pay attention to the scale at the top of the screen. Green cells are standard, orange cells are extra. So there should be at least one orange cell. To return to the spider web, you’ll either have to take damage to get only the green cells left, or you’ll have to use a reservoir and drop some biomass (to the Spaces). You can take it back later.

Then you will unlock the invisibility. It is activated with the Q key, but it consumes energy.

Where do you get the power?
That’s a logical question. Look for

big transformers, knock the covers off them and communicate via PCM or the web. You can only activate in a smaller form of biomass! In other words, only if you have only green cells of life (at the top of the screen).

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